Players can craft quest items. No crafting experience is gained, and that's why no leveling of that craft skill is possible.

Craftable ItemsEdit

ItemWorkloadRequired ItemsUsed in Quest
[Ordinary Fo Tiao Quiang]×1 250,000 [Pork]×3
Boatman's Daughter
Chinese Cook Tai Hua Gong
[Hanging Garden Map]×1 250,000 [Quality Leather]×50
[Gold Dust]×100

[Father's Holy Water]×1

300,000 [Knight's Holy Water]×1
[Lucky Wood Piece]×5
[Chardin's Perfume]×1
[Yggdrasil Fruit]×1000

Title : Blessed

alpaca steak 2,000,000

tender meat x40

Salt x50

Garlic x100

Sesame Oil x100

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