The Reaver is an Axe main character class.

With a sweep of your axe you strike an entire row of enemies. Your action power and defensive level against magic is low compared to others, but with your high vitality, you excel at withstanding enemy's physical attacks. Your Freezing Axe magic freezes foes in their tracks. A melee character cannot attack enemies in the air.

Basic Info Edit

Attributes Edit

Skills Edit

Level 100 Upgrade Skill Edit

You must complete the Main Character level 100 Upgrade quest line to learn this skill.

Level 120 Upgrade Skills Edit

You can learn only one of these skills. These skills can only be learned after level 120 upgrade.

  • Beast's soul Beast's Soul: Summons Beast's Soul to increase allies' Attack Power.
  • Cleaving blows Cleaving Blows: Gives basic attacks a chance to deal additional damage and weaken enemy defenses. Has a higher chance to trigger at higher magic levels. Passive.