Redemption Crystals are used to upgrade C-grade caster mercenaries. They are dropped primarily by monsters in the Shadow Jail, the Shadow Dungeon of Bran Castle. They can also drop from Secret Room of Night, the Shadow Dungeon of Valley of the Kings. They can also be bought from the Market for a fixed price of 80,000 gold.

Mercenary upgrades Edit

The following mercenaries can be upgraded using Redemption Crystals:

Each mercenary can be upgraded twice using Redemption Crystals. The first upgrade can be performed at level 20 and requires 50 Redemption Crystals. The second upgrade can be performed at level 50 and requires 100 Redemption Crystals. This process upgrades a mercenary through grades four and three, up to grade two. Subsequent upgrades require Redemption Jewels.

Dropped by monsters

Very Low[Prison Officer]Shadow Jail 2F
Very Low[Watcher]Shadow Jail 3F
Very Low[Chief Prison Officer]Shadow Jail 3F
Very Low[Chief Watcher]Shadow Jail 3F
Very Low[Alloy Doll Soldier]Shadow Jail 4F
Very Low[Alloy Doll Magician]Shadow Jail 4F
Very Low[Alloy Doll Warrior]Shadow Jail 4F
Very Low[Ancient Mummy]Secret Room of Night 1F
Very Low[Ancient Anubis]Secret Room of Night 2F
Very Low[Executioner]Secret Room of Night 2F
Very Low[Ancient Royal Guard]Secret Room of Night 3F
Very Low[Ancient Sphinx]Secret Room of Night 3F
Very Low[Dark Lionman]Labyrinth 2B
Very Low[Dark Werewolf]Labyrinth 2B
Very Low[Crazy Minotaur]Heart of the Labyrinth