The Referral/Friend Invite system was overhauled with the Friend Invite Function! patch on Feb. 12, 2015.

The Friend Invite System is a simple way to encourage your friends to join you in Atlantica Online. As the new player reaches special milestones, both of you will receive useful in-game gifts.

Various event rewards will be given to new ‘junior’ players as well as the ‘senior’ players who invited them, until the new player reaches level 130.

Where do I find it? Edit

Senior players above level 50 will find the Friend Invite System under Community > Invitee. New players will receive a pop-up message upon loading into the tutorial area. If you join Atlantica Online but were not recruited by a specific friend, you can randomly match with a current player to share the rewards.

How to Issue the Code Edit

If you are Lv. 50+, simply click [Issue] under Community > Invitee to create up to ten codes to give to your friends. Once you use a code, it will disappear from the list.

Clicking the [Random Matching] button will allow a new user to match with you at random, without an invite code. The [Cancel Registration] button, will revoke the random match request.

For New Players, you will get a pop up when you first enter the tutorial area. From here you can either enter a code you received from a friend, you click Random Matching. You will be linked to a random player who will become your Senior.

Junior Rewards Edit

In addition, when junior players reach specific level milestones, they will receive additional bonus rewards:

Level Reward
10 Spirit Equipment Set, Spirit Weapon Box
20 Sea Palace Equipment Box, Sea Palace Weapon Box
30 Angkor Wat Equipment Box, Angkor Wat Weapon Box
40 Insect Equipment Box, Insect Weapon Box
50 Bran Castle Equipment Box, Bran Castle Weapon Box
60 Babylon Equipment Box, Babylon Weapon Box
70 Pyramid Equipment Box, Pyramid Weapon Box
80 Shogun Equipment Box, Shogun Weapon Box
90 Volcano Equipment Box, Volcano Weapon Box
100 Freezing Equipment Box, Freezing Weapon Box
110 Sealed Phoneix Equipment Box
120 Dragon God's Equipment Box

Senior Rewards Edit

In addition, when junior players reach specific level milestones, senior players will receive rewards when their matched junior players reach level milestones.

Level Reward
50 Growth Vial x 5
80 Growth Vial x 5, Honey Jar Key x10
100 Assassin Projectile(30 Day) Box
120 Random Equipment Box: Evil - Twilight equipment boxes
130 Random Equipment Box: Evil - Twilight equipment boxes