Sage King Arthur is a grade A Sword Mercenary.


Sage King Arthur is one of two high level versions of the Knight mercenary. After the Knight's level 150 upgrade, you can decide whether to upgrade the Knight to Sage King Arthur or Dark King Arthur via the Mercenary Arthur Specialization Quest.

Sage King Arthur has followed the sacred Path of Light. He carries himself with honor and dignity, using his holy blade to protect his allies and ward off combo counts. His magic-dampening abilities also increase his allies' various stats.

Assessment Edit

Sage King Arthur is an excellent merc, one of the top mercs in the game. He does high damage and have excellent skills.

Sage King Arthur is very expensive (to obtain, upgrade and skill up).

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

(At level 140)

Basic Attack Edit

Recruitment Edit

  • After the Knight's reach level 140 and finish his level 130 upgrade, you can decide whether to upgrade the Knight to Sage King Arthur or Dark King Arthur.
  • You can start the quest from Arthur Pendragon's NPC near Edinburg (Mercenary Arthur Specialization) your main character must be at level 150
  • At the end of the quest choose the item Crown of Light in order to upgrade Arthur to Sage King Arthur

Upgrades Edit

Soul Jewel of the Lake

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Sage King Arthur 140 None 915 370 530 590 3680 255
Sage King Arthur I 150 80 Soul Jewel of the Lake 995 395 560 640 4310 255
Sage King Arthur II 160 80 Soul Jewel of the Lake 1190 470 675 765 5165 255

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Guardian sheath Guardian Sheath Edit

Reduces the Combo Count for King Arthur and his allies.

King's command King's Command Edit

Seals the enemy's physical attacks.

Sage king's dignity Sage King's Dignity Edit

The Sage King's Dignity protects allies from all Magic attacks and increases allies' Statistics.

Sage sword excalibur Sage Sword Excalibur Edit

Basic attacks have a chance to of unleashing Excalibur's power to damage all enemies (AoE).

Notes Edit

  • Sage King's Dignity and Guardian Sheath skill CANNOT be upgraded with atlas ore
  • While it protects the target from magic, the Sage King's Dignity DOES NOT removes previous buffs/debuffs
  • Even though many players consider the Sage King as more inferior compare to it's Dark counterpart, Sage King is really useful when you have a massive physical damage main (Bow Main,Cannon Main,Gun Main,Stormcaller) with some good gear these mains empowered by Sage King's Dignity can easily annihilate anything in their path and not to mention the Sage King's Dignity is more cheaper than Dark Legacy