Pen and paper
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Craftable ItemsEdit

LevelItemCrafting MaterialsWorkloadExp Gain/Batch
1 [Scroll of Dispel (I)]×40 [Papyrus]×10
[Antidote (I)]×500
[Colorful Fabric]×2[Frozen Soul]×20

[Energy Of Atmosphere]x20
[Mysterious Vial: Wisdom]×1

10 [Scroll of Purification (III)]×40 [Papyrus]×10[Antidote (II)]×200

[Colorful Fabric]×2

[Frozen Soul]×5

[Mysterious Vial: Wisdom]×1

[Energy of Wind]×10

[Thick Animal Bone]×200

15 [Awakening Scroll (III)]×40 [Papyrus]×10[Antidote (III)]×70

[Colorful Fabric]×2

[Frozen Soul]×5

[Mysterious Vial : Wisdom]×1

[Energy of Hail]×10

[Thick Animal Bones]×500

20 [Scroll of Dispel (IV)]×30 [Chinese Paper]×50[Antidote (IV)]×50

[Colorful Fabric]×4

[Frozen Soul]×4

[Mysterious Vial: Wisdom]×1

[Energy of Atmosphere]×10


[Revival Plant]×20

25 Scroll of Purification [IV]

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