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The Sea Palace quest chain is part of the main story line and may be started by players of level 16 and above. The objectives of these quests focus around the Sea Palace Dungeon. This quest chain features NPCs Hu Xue-yan, and later, Zang Heng, Pien Chueh and Zhao Gao.

Quest Objective NPC Experience Gold Stamina Items
1. Violent Otters Kill [[[Female Otters

]]] (15 )

Hu Xue-yab 300 3,000 0 [[[Mana Potion (low)


2. Secure Funds Deposit

(2000 Gold )

Hu Xue-yan 400 3,000 0 [[[Scroll of Vortex(I)


3. The Sea Palace's First Mystery Talk to [[[Zang Heng


Hu Xue-yan 450 3,000 0 None
4. Necessary Iron Sand Buy

(1 Iron Sand )

Zang Heng 450 3,500 0 [[[Life Potion (Low)


5. Handling Merchandise Sell

(1 Iron Sand )

Zang Heng 500 3,500 0 [[[Scroll of Vortex (I)


6. Hunt and Investigate Kill [[[small water dragons

]]] (15 )

Zang Heng 500 4,000 0 [[[Dumpling


7. The Sea Palace's Second Mystery Talk to [[[Pien Chueh


Hu Xue-yan 500 4,000 0 [[[Life Potion (low)


8. Research Specimens Hunt [[[Gate Keepers

]]] and [[[Royal Guards ]]] for [[[Polluted Armor ]]]×20

Pien Chueh 550 4,500 0 [[[Antidote (I)


9. Get Motivated! Answer question: [Get Motivated!


Hu Xue-yan 500 0 0 [[[Dumpling


10. The Crab Warrior's Threat
Totals 26,900 137,500 0 21

Trade GoodsEdit

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Monster InformationEdit

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