Shaolin Legion mercenaries. If you have a mercenary, his or her portrait becomes un-shadowed.

The Shaolin Legion is one of 3 Legions in Atlantica Online. Each legion has a number of mercenaries as members.

The Shaolin Legion was Atlantica Online's first legion and was added to Atlantica Online with the Legion Patch.

The other legions are Diabolic and Shadow.

You can find detailed info about each Legion and Legion Mercenaries in the Legion Info window (Alt+U).

Shaolin Mercenaries Edit

Not all legion mercenaries can be recruited via quests, but most can be bought from the market. All have been made available at some point via events or the Item Mall.

Legion Mercenaries are named Trainee XYZ, because there are, in many cases, also NPCs with the same name as the Mercenary. This makes it easy to tell the difference. Trainee XYZ is the mercenary and XYZ is the NPC.

The mercenaries that are members of the Shaolin Legion are:

Shaolin NPCs Edit

The Shaolin Forecourt in Central Asia is the main area for the Shaolin Legion quest line and the place to experience the majestic appearance of Shaolin, the hub of martial arts.

Entry Requirement: Lv.10 or higher.

All Legion quests can be found in the Quest Log under Sub Quest, Legion tab. Shaolin legion quests are preceded by Shaolin. Some of these quests reward quest line completion with a legion mercenary.

  • Shaolin Fangzhang: starts the quests Shaolin Sect 1 and Shaolin Sect 2, which are used to recruit Shaolin mercenaries. Shaolin Sect 1 is level 70 and Shaolin Sect 2 is level 120, but concludes at level 140.

Shaolin Quests: Edit

  • Corps Quest was added to help you experience the story the Shaolin Corps, new mercenaries.
  • Lv. 10 Shaolin Pride Quest: Go to Shaolin Master Lian Hua at the Central Asia - Shaolin Forecourt to start this quest.
  • Lv. 70 Rediscovered Shaolin: Go to Shaolin Xuanzang at the Central Asia - Shaolin Forecourt to start this quest.
  • Lv. 70 Shaolin Xuanzang: Shaolin in Danger: starts Shaolin Sect 1 and Shaolin Sect 2.
  • Lv. 140 Young Man's Pure Heart: Go to Shaolin Fangzhang at the Central Asia - Shaolin Forecourt to start this repeatable daily quest.
  • Lv. 160 Reflect and Reflect Again: Go to Shaolin Soranggoon at the Central Asia - Shaolin Forecourt to start this repeatable daily quest.
  • Lv. 70: Shaolin Xuanzang: Shaolin Sect 1
  • Lv. 70: Shaolin Xuanzang: Shaolin Sect 2
  • Lv. 120: Shaolin Sect 2: concludes at level 140. It can be used to recruit Ching Yue.

Shaolin Areas: Edit

  • The news maps Shaolin Forecourt, Millennium Shaolin Center, Tripitaka Sutra Depository, Penitence of the Mad 1B, Penitence of the Mad B2 were added.
  • (Entry Requirement: Lv.10 or higher (Shaolin Forecourt) / Lv.70 or higher (Millennium Shaolin's Center) )
  • Jangkyunggak Library, Forbidden Library: Secrets to martial arts, only thought of as legends, are kept in Shaolin's ancient libraries in this area.(Entry Level: Lv.70 or higher) Penitence of the Mad: Disabolics and other criminals are locked up in this prison in the basement of Shaolin Temple.(Entry Level: Lv.140 or below (1st Basement Floor) / Lv.160 or below (2nd Basement floor) )

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