Beef x200

Silver Ore x100


Acquire [Item Info] on [Cheering Dancer]

Platinum Ore x75

Answer [A Commander's Sword] Question => Muramasa

Acquire [Item Info] on [Samurai]


Perfect Leather x10

Perfect Silk x55

Musashi PreparationEdit

Ghost Mask x10

Craft [Ogre Bow] x1

  • Iron Sand x5
  • Iron Ore x 2
  • Copper Flakes x12
  • Copper Ore x6
  • Pearl x4
  • Crystal x3
  • Earth Element Shard x20
  • Workload 9200
  • Bow level 9

Dismantle [Ogre Bow] x1

  • Hammer I

Answer [The Warrior's Path] Question => I Understand

Destroyer's Charm [I] x30

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