The Stormcaller is a Whip main character class.

The Stormcaller uses a whip, which is a ranged weapon that can target an entire row. Additionally, this weapon can attack airborne enemies. Stormcaller can also wield an orb in her off-hand.

The Stormcaller class was added in the Stormcaller update.

Basic Info Edit

Attributes Edit

Skills Edit

  • Apotheosis Apotheosis: Transforms into a Goddess.
    • Skill's level can't be raised.
    • Can only be used when the gauge on the upper-right is charged.
  • Lightning lash Lightning Lash: Delivers an excruciating lashing to the enemy formation (AoE).
  • Divine thunder Divine Thunder: Divine Thunder repeatedly damages the enemy formation over time (AoE).
    • Can only be used during Apotheosis.
  • Heaven's fury Heaven's Fury: A powerful storm front deals severe damage the the entire formation (AoE).
    • Can only be used during Apotheosis.

Level 100 Upgrade Skill Edit

This skill can be unlocked at level 100 by talking to Time Goddess Aegis in the Time Rift Dungeon.

Level 120 Upgrade Skills Edit

You can learn only one of these skills. These skills can only be learned after level 120 upgrade.