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Tool crafting can be learned from [Tesla].

Craftable ItemsEdit

A list of tool crafts.

level item crafting materials workload exp gain/batch
1 Small bolt x20

Platinum Ingot x 1

Silver Ingot x 30

Coral x100

3,500 70


Weak Dynamite x10

Sulfur x300

Charcoal x200

Weak Gunpowder x100

12,100 242
15 Small lever x2

Slab of lumber x30

Pine x15

Glue x50

Thick tree branch x50

17 Refined Mithril Ingot

Opal x 100

Gold Ingot x 500

20 Large Diamond

Opal x 100

Iron Sand x 10

25 Normal Dynamite x10

Pearl x 300

Ruby x 50

Pine x 200

Coral x 500

Common Gunpowder x 50

26 Adamantium x 2

Ruby x 4

Gold Ingot x 40

Oil x 50


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