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The Valley of the Kings Quest is a part of the main quest quest and may be started by players of level 67 and above. The objectives of these quests focus around the Valley of the Dead dungeon. This quest chain features NPCs Isis, briefly Zeng Heng, Tutankhamun and Seth.


Quests from IsisEdit

  1. Searching for Papyrus
  2. Contaminated Papyrus
  3. Unrecognizable Letters
  4. Hopeless Scamp, Seth
  5. Searching for the Ancient King's Relic
  6. Searching for the Ancient King's Blood
  7. Mummy's Curse
  8. Unpopular Request
  9. Summoning Tutankhamun
  10. Hair-Raising Request
  11. I have no energy.
  12. Savior of My Soul

Quests from Zeng HengEdit

  1. Let's make a magnifying glass
  2. Finding a Refined Iron Ingot
  3. Mysterious Magnifying Glass

Quests from TutankhamunEdit

  1. Heart of the Ancient King
  2. Where is the Soul?
  3. Searching for the Brain of the Ancient King
  4. The Ancient King's Resurrection Ceremony
  5. Seth's Trick
  6. King Khufu's Last Breath
  7. The Empty Soul Jar
  8. Sealed Scamp's Soul
  9. Warrior of Egypt

Quests from SethEdit

  1. Decoding Ancient Letters
  2. Here, Take It!
  3. Mummy is Medicinal
  4. Isis' Pendant
  5. The Girl Made of Clay
  6. I Am Absolutly Innocent
  7. A Beautiful Priest Dress
  8. I Am a Great Magician
  9. It's almost done...


NPC Quest Objective
Isis Searching for Papyrus Hunt [White Crocodiles] for [Papyrus Scroll]×1
Isis Contaminated Papyrus Fetch [Book: Holy Guard Int]×1
Isis Unrecognizable Letters Talk to [Zang Heng]
Zang Heng Let's make a magnifying glass Fetch [Crystal]×10
Zang Heng Finding a Refined Iron Ingot Fetch [Refined Iron Ingot]×1
Zeng Heng Mysterious Magnifying Glass Return to [Isis] to complete [Unrecognizable] quest
Isis Hopeless Scamp, Seth Talk to [Seth]
Seth Decoding Ancient Letters Fetch [Papyrus Writ]×1
Seth Here, Take It! Talk to [Isis]
Seth Searching for the Ancient King's Relic Hunt [White Mummies] for [Ancient King's Bone]×30
Seth Searching for the Ancient King's Blood Hunt [Mummy Magicians] for [Ancient King's Blood]×30
Soul of Tiamat The Space-Time Door Use [Refined Dimensional Key]×1
Soul of Tiamat The Ruined Dimensional Plane Talk to [Urshanabi]
Urshanabi Party - An identification tag for a slave Hunt [Slave Archer], [Slave Dragoon] and [Slave Fighter] for [Slave Soldier's Tag]×25
Urshanabi Party - Granite Shards Hunt [Granite Soldiers] for [Granite Shard]×25
Urshanabi Sealed Door Talk to [Soul of Tiamat]
Soul of Tiamat Party - The dimensional controlling car Hunt [Enril Sorcerers] and [Enki Wizards] for [Dimension Control Staff]×30
Soul of Tiamat  ??? Fetch [Ginseng]×50
Soul of Tiamat  ??? Kill [Queen Wasp] (20)
Soul of Tiamat  ??? Return to [Narayan] to complete [Unfinished Love] quest
Soul of Tiamat  ??? Fetch [Crystal]×10
Soul of Tiamat  ??? Talk to [Li Kui] to acquire [Purified Heart]×1



[Refined Iron Ingot]×1




Quest Experience


Quest Gold


Quest Item


Reward Total