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The Viking upgrade quest chain is a level 100 mercenary upgrade quest chain offered by [Freydis]. The quest chain can be started players with a level 100 Viking in their party and will upgrade the mercenary to a Northern Viking. The quest objectives focus around the Frozen Adlivun dungeon. The quest chain cannot be reset.

Be advised that this quest chain features an extremely tough boss, [Servant Leader].


Quest Objective Experience Gold Stamina Items
1. Dignified Viking 1 Have Viking at level 100 200,000 750,000 1 None
2. In Order to be Proud Search rankings of Hall of Fame Competition 100,000 150,000 1 None
3. Weak Uncle Answer question: [Weak Viking] 100,000 150,000 1 None
4. Recovering Acquire [location info] on [Deep Sea Ice Golem] 100,000 150,000 1 None
5. One of the Legendary Vikings Answer question: [One of the Legendary Vikings] 100,000 150,000 1 None
6. Something's Very Different Hunt [Deep Sea Ice Golem] for [Ice Golem's Heart]×25 450,000 950,000 1 [Frozen Savior's Equipment Box]×2
7. The Legend of the Viking Use [Legendary Viking Warrior]×1 100,000 150,000 1 None
8. Adviliun Investigation Begins Hunt [Lizardmen] for [Structural Map of Adviliun]×30 450,000 950,000 1 [Ice Key]
9. Alteration? Enhancement? Hunt [Last Sample] for [Altered Man's Confidential Document]×1 700,000 1,000,000 1 [Frozen Defender's Equipment Box]×2
10. Unexpected Result Use [Altered Fighter's Plan]×1 100,000 150,000 1 None
11. No need for sympathy Kill [Mutated Chimera] (35) 450,000 950,000 1 None
12. Restoring Materials Fetch [Giant Jewel]×10 200,000 750,000 1 None
13. Viking's Spirit Craft [Lost Viking's Spirit]×1 450,000 950,000 1 [Broken Machine Key]×1
13. Getting Rid of Obstacles Kill [Servant Leader] (1) 700,000 1,000,000 1 [Frozen Destroyer's Equipment Box]×2
14. Uncontrollable Use [Freydis' Sedative]×1 100,000 150,000 1 None
15. Dignified Viking 2 Fetch [Grand Viking's Blue Heart]×1 900,000 1,500,000 1 Legendary Viking's Spirit Stone
Totals 5,200,000 9,850,000 15 6

Trade goodsEdit

Quest Item
12. Restoring Materials [Giant Jewel]×10

Monster Info requiredEdit

Quest Monster Information
4. Recovering Deep Sea Ice Golem Location

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