Weapons are used to inflict physical damage.
Weapon-large bow
In Atlantica Online, characters can perform physical or magical attacks. Weapons are used for physical attacks versus another character or monster. This is different from a Magic Attack using a magic Skill. Weapons can be equipped by main characters and mercenaries.
Weapon-large axe

Weapon Categories Edit

Weapons in Atlantica Online fall into 3 broad categories. Here is a broad outline of these categories and how and which enemies in a formation they can attack in combat:

  • Melee: can attack front row enemies, cannot attack flyers
  • Ranged: can attack enemies in most rows (see specific weapon type), cannot attack flyers (except cannon)
  • Magic: can attack enemies in front row, can attack flyers
Weapon-large instrument

Weapon TypesEdit

There are 11 types of weapons in Atlantica Online.

Each weapon has a different attack range:

  • Axe: Melee, can hit up to 3 enemies consecutively (not across a gap) across a front row, but not flyers 3 front row.svg
  • Bow: Ranged, can hit any single enemy, including flyers 1 any.svg
  • Cannon: Ranged, can hit up to 5 enemies in a cross pattern anywhere, but not flyers 5 plus.svg
  • Fist: Melee, can hit any single enemy in a front row, not including flyers 1 front.svg
  • Gun: Ranged, can hit a full column (up to 3) of enemies, even non-consecutive ones (e.g. can fire across a gap in a column), including flyers 3 column.svg-0
  • Instrument: Ranged, can hit up to 2 consecutive enemies in a column (cannot fire across a gap in a column), including flyers 2 any column.svg
  • Power Saw: Melee, can hit up to 3 enemies across a front row, cannot attack flyers 3 front row.svg
  • Spear: Melee, can hit up to 2 consecutive enemies in a column, cannot attack flyers 2 middle column.svg
  • Staff: Magic, can hit a single enemy in a front row, including flyers 1 front.svg
  • Sword: Melee, can hit a single enemy in a front row, cannot attack flyers 1 front.svg
  • Dual Sword*: Melee, can hit up to 4 enemies in a cross pattern in a front row, including flyers 4 plus.svg-0
  • Whip: Ranged, can hit up to 3 enemies consecutively (not across a gap) across any row, including flyers 3 row whip

Upgrading Weapons Edit

You can upgrade weapons (and other equipment) by enchanting or enhancing them.

Also, every few levels, a new set of weapons (and other equipment) becomes available. See the Equipment Set page for available Equipment Sets. Compare the stats of all your options. Sometimes a +0 or +1 of a higher grade weapon is far better than a +2 or +3 of a lower grade.

On the other hand, sometimes the higher grade weapon is very expensive and you may choose to stick with what you have an skip a grade. Check the Market and in-game ads from other players for current prices. Also check with your guild and nation mates, they may have something to hand down to you for a good price.

A great thing about Atlantica Online is that most equipment is not 'bound' to your characters, but can be upgraded, freely resold (market, trade) or reused by other characters. If you just got a new mercenary who is several levels below the rest of your team, that mercenary may be able to use gear from another mercenary who is ready to upgrade gear.

Sockets and Star Stones Edit

Weapons can have stats improved by adding sockets and star stones.

Crafting and Repairing Weapons Edit

Most (but not all) equipment in Atlantica Online can be crafted by players. See the Craft page for more crafting information. See the Weapon craft page to see which Weapons can be crafted.

If you can craft an item, you can also repair it. See Repair for more information.

Legendary Weapons Edit

Legendary Weapons have special abilities and can be upgraded to +11.

Special Abilities Edit

Some rare weapons have special abilities, which vary from specific weapon to weapon, rather than by weapon type. For example, they may increase a character's critical hit stat.

Flying Enemies Edit

Characters with weapon types that cannot attack flyers can attack non-flying enemies in the same column of the formation, positioned behind the flying enemy (essentially they can walk under the flyer to attack behind it).

Weapon-large lance
Weapon-large sword
Weapon-large saw

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