Starting off

Welcome to the world of Atlantica Wikia. Writing and editing article isn't as scary as it may seem at first glance, as we will see in this brief introduction. They are 2 main rules that one needs to be aware of:

  1. Always verify if the article you want to publish already exists; you can verify by either typing the name of your idea inside the search bar found at the top of every pages. Or you can also replace the current page name with the one you wish to create, this will send you either to an already existing page or an empty page where you can click on the "Create" button to get started. For an example of how it works: →
  2. The other rule in creating a new article or editing current ones is to use accepted templates. I will explain how they work down here, but simply put, if you create a page about the item "Medici's Gold Box", the first thing to do is check what template is used on other "Box" type pages in order to keep the formatting uniform across the wikia.

Creating an article

This is a simple task, as said above, you can type the item/weapon/monster/etc inside the url after wiki/"insert here"

You can also use the "Contributing" box on the main page of the Wiki where you input the name of the article you want to create and it will redirect you to it.

Editing an article

To edit, simply click the "edit" button found on every page and you can start making modifications to it. I suggest using the classic editor for ease of use if you are already knowledgeable with editing, but the new editor is preferable for newcomers.

Inside the editor, you can change between two modes: "Source" and "Visual". Source is used for advanced formatting and to fix problems in the code of a page while visual is a more user-friendly editing environment.

  • Templates: When creating a new page or editing current ones, you will have to use a pre-made templates to help you edit and make the format in line with the rest of the wikia. Note that new templates can be created and current ones edited, please notify an Admin if you wish to create/edit one. First thing first, click on the "Insert" button and then "Template". A new window will open with a list of templates you can use. As said earlier, we want templates to be in line with the rest of the Wikia, therefore we will be using the
    Tutorial 5
    "Infobox item" template (it can be found by typing "infobox" inside the template search bar) when adding an Item page. In the same way, "Infobox weapons" and "Infobox ammunitions" will be used for their respective item type.

Once the template is chosen, a new window will appear with empty data fields, usually the name can be left alone as it will automatically put the page name as the title, the image field is simply the file name you uploaded on the wikia with its file extension such as "Bbq_pork_random_box.png". Image width is usually left alone unless the icon appears to small, in which case "50px" or more can be used. Caption can be used, although usually not needed, and the "note" field usually refers to the in-game description of the object in question but editors can also add some small bit of information, such as "Halloween 2014 event-only item".

Tutorial 6

Taking and uploading media

A very important thing that completes an article is the use of pictures, and for effects and mercenary skills, adding gifs or videos can be a great thing to consider (hopefully webm implementation will come soon). The first step is obviously to take a screen grab of the icon/area you want to add, such as item icons, mercenary models, item models, dungeon maps, etc. The default Windows "Snipping tool" works but I would suggest downloading Greenshot since it has a built-in zoom feature which makes item icon grabbing much more easier (note: icons are always 40px by 40px), making a new folder for storing those pictures will also be of great help.

Uploading pictures is easy and can be done in bulk if needed (10 for members and 20 for admins). For bulk uploading click here. For single uploads while editing a page, simply click "Insert" and then "Media", then drag and drop the media file and it should appear on the page directly.

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