Guardian Frigg - Valhalla's BowEdit

You have to kill Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, each of which requires a key, so it's best to wait to do these until you have to do the same thing for Gullweig. That way you save 3 keys and however many scrolls you would have used for the boss fights.

Mission: Yggdrasil's Leaf x250

Mission: Craft [Assassin's Bow] x1 (WL 25,300) (craft in advance NOT OK)

  • Requires Bow level 15
  • 9 Iron ore
  • 25 copper ore
  • 10 common leather
  • 12 embroidery thread
  • 10 pearl
  • 10 thick tree branch
  • 60 earth element shard
  • 5 sea element shard

Mission: Answer [Distorted Time Space] Question => Verdandi

Mission: Gold Ingot x100

Hugin - YggdrasilEdit

Mission: Have Grade 4 mercenaries (5/5)

Mission: Big Slab of Lumber x10

Mission: Acquire [Item Info] on [Reindeer]

Mission: Weak Gunpowder x500

Mission: Craft [Magic Patchwork] x80 (WL 6,000,000) (craft in advance OK)

  • 200 perfect silk
  • 40 gold thread
  • 40 silver thread

Mission: Craft [Artifact Holder] x1 (WL 1,000,000) (craft in advance OK)

  • 10 platinum
  • 2 mithril
  • 6 topaz

Mimir - YggdrasilEdit

Mission: Large Animal Bone x200

Mission: Craft [Clairvoyant Crystal Ball] x1 (WL 750,000) (craft in advance OK) (#1)

  • 100 earth element shard
  • 10 crystal
  • 4 mithril ore
  • 10 fusing agent

Mission: Acquire [Item Info] on [Frost Troll]

Mission: Craft [Mithril Alloy] x50 (WL 1,000,000) (craft in advance OK)

  • 9 mithril ore
  • 3 silver ingot
  • 3 clay
  • 1 fusing agent

Mission: Answer [The Artisan of Accessory Crafting] Question => Nitot

Mission: Large Animal Bone x50

Mission: Small Diamond x10

Mission: Answer [Conviction or Destiny] Question => Conviction

Gullweig - YggdrasilEdit

Mission: Platinum x100

Janet and Heimdall want you to kill the same monsters, so you can do these at the same time.

Janet - Lady KnightEdit

Mission: Earn Fame Points (75/75)

Mission: Answer [The Duty of the Knight] Question => Knighthood

Mission: Answer [Protector of Virgins] Question => Unicorn

Mission: Craft [Shield Mold of Legend] x1 (WL 1,000,000) (craft in advance OK)

  • 10 coal
  • 1 steel
  • 20 clay
  • 2 mithril

Mission: Answer [The Oath] Question => A vow

Heimdall - Freyja's NecklaceEdit

Mission: Earn Fame Points (75/75)

Mission: Have Grade 4 mercenaries (3/3)

Mission: Gold Ingot x60

Mission: Destroyer's Spear x1

Mission: Perfect Leather x250

Mission: Craft [Wooden Staff] x10 (WL 100,000) (craft in advance OK)

  • 35 big slab of lumber
  • 50 pine
  • 10 hammer [III]

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